What should I do if my wires don't fit?

Useful Parts for Special Situations

NOTE: Solid 18 gauge single-strand copper wiring is ideal for your Gen 2 or Gen1 Rachio controller. If you have thicker gauge wires, we recommend retrofitting with 18 gauge wires using a Terminal Strip.

Additionally, to ensure the Rachio controller is set up properly, some situations* require you to:

  • (a) reduce the number of wires you have
  • (b) increase the number of wires you have

*This mainly comes into play if:

  1. you have very large wires that won't fit into the wall mount
  2. you have too many common wires to connect to your Rachio(s)
  3. you have not enough common wires to connect to your Rachio(s) 
    • for instance, if you have two controllers, but only one common wire, a terminal strip (aka, a "barrier block") will be necessary to create two common wires - one for each device.

Keep in mind, each situation will be different. However, by using a terminal strip (or barrier block), one can feed wire into one side of the barrier and have wire(s) connected to the corresponding side. This allows the combination of two wires into one, or vice versa.

This approach is also useful in situations when someone has very large wires and needs to use a barrier to connect to a smaller wire — one that fits the Rachio terminals (see note, above). There may be other circumstances that arise but these are the most frequent situations we see.

Remedying these situations is easily done using the following parts.

Terminal Strip

These are commonly found in 6, 8, 10, 15, and 20 circuit types.

Pictured above: an example of a 15 circuit Terminal Strip.

Wire Nuts

These may not be necessary in all situations

Sprinkler Wires
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