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NOTE: To receive to the most accurate weather data when using Weather Intelligence on a Generation 1 and or Generation 2 controller, it's important to select a Preferred Weather Station -- if you do not select a "Preferred Weather Station", the the closest National Weather Station (NWS) will be used by default to provide weather data for your schedules.

WARNING: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers (and select special edition Generation 2 Controllers) rely on Weather Intelligence™ Plus which provides hyper local accuracy into the current and projected weather that’s not only in your area, but right outside your door. We do not recommend choosing a PWS or NWS if you're using Weather Intelligence Plus.

Weather Intelligence vs Weather Intelligence Plus

Weather Intelligence Plus Weather Intelligence

Where does Rachio get its weather data?

Rachio receives weather data from WeatherUnderground.Weather Underground as part of The Weather Company, an IBM business, pulls current and historical weather data to give us the best interpolated data to make sure you get the most accurate forecast and precipitation data for your home.

How can I check if WeatherUnderground has good support for my area?

Check the current conditions, past observations, and forecasts for the next week at 

I'd like to know if there are weather stations near me. Where can I check?

The Rachio App has a built-in map! Simply login (web or mobile) to the Rachio App > Local Weather > Change Weather Station to see stations in your area. (see: choosing weather station).

Will the Weather Underground weather reports always be 100% accurate?

They'll probably be pretty close, but please keep in mind that when the weather forecaster on TV says "a 60% chance of rain", what they're really saying is "the chance of getting any rain, at all, for your specific area, combined with the chance of your specific location getting rained on, totals up to be 60%" (more details).

This means that even with a 90% chance of precipitation, your yard might very well not get a drop, or with a 10% chance, yours might be the only yard in the neighborhood to get drenched. Weather is complex and inherently hard to predict, but we're working hard to use what we have to improve your yard.

With Weather Intelligence Plus, however, we can pull data from a number of sources to make sure we can report the exact precipitation at the site of your controller. If you'd like to learn more about Weather Intelligence Plus, check out this article. 

Are your weather reports really "real time"?

Yes, but please keep the following in mind:

If it suddenly and unexpectedly starts raining 5 minutes before your watering schedule, there is a chance your Rachio could still water.

We use the best information we have, but we're limited by the information that's available at any given time. While most professional weather stations record minute-by-minute observations, they often only report every hour. Keep in mind also that we use a combination of reports and forecasts, and short-term forecasts are rarely that wrong. So it's not likely, but it's possible.

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