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Rachio's public API has rate limiting in order to improve server performance for all users. We only allow 1,700 calls per day, which is over 1 call per minute. In general, this limit is only reached by integrations that are polling. 

If you’d like to explore a non-polling method, we do support webhooks. We are absolutely willing to work with users to discuss exceptions on rate limiting for specific use cases.

Rate limiting is reset at midnight UTC and the response header can be viewed for the following data:

X-RateLimit-Limit – The limit that you cannot surpass in a given amount of time
X-RateLimit-Remaining – The number of calls you have available until a given reset time stamp, or calculated given some sort of sliding time window.
X-RateLimit-Reset – The timestamp in UTC formatted to HTTP spec per RFC 1123 for when the limits will be reset.

Example of response header data:

x-ratelimit-limit →1700
x-ratelimit-remaining →4
x-ratelimit-reset →2018-03-13T00:00:00Z

To learn more about our API token, check out our Rachio API Documentation

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