How do I setup a PWS using CWOP?

You can setup your PWS to connect to your Rachio controller through the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). A thorough step by step process is outlined below.

The core component of this solution is the Meteobridge, which requires hardware and software purchase. To check Meteobridge's compatability with your weather station, go here

Here is a summary of what customer Aaron did (which only applies when using the AcuRite Internet-Bridge).

1) Buy the Acurite 5in1 with Internet Bridge from Get that installed and updated to your internet.
2) Next, buy the DLINK DIR-505L and flashed it with new firmware from Meteobridge. Instructions and firmware can be found here.
3) Now the DIR-505L is a Meteobridge. The firmware will work for 14 days without needing to buy a software license.
4) Next I needed to setup the the wifi on the Meteobridge so that it is a client "WLAN mode" on my homes Wifi network. I checked the box for "LAN Bridge," link here.
5) Once this is working, plug in the Acurite internet-bridge into the ethernet port on the Meteobridge. The Meteobridge acts as a transparent bridge, and the Acurite bridge thinks it is just on the local lan. The Meteobridge "sniffs" the traffic from the Acurite bridge and this is how it is able to collect the weather information and send it to a weather network of my choice. Aaron selected "Acurite Internet-bridge" from the "Select Station" menu.
6) Next, choose the weather station wanted to upload too. In this case, CWOP is the network that will get the data to the Rachio App, link here.
7) Sign up for a CWOP account here. Aaron had to email: and request his account to be activated so just FYI.
8) Before you start uploading data you should update the "System" menu and put in your Latitude and Longitude and the "Select Station" menu to add your Altitude, because this data is sent to CWOP along with your weather data.
9) Once your data is uploading you will immediately see the updates at at CWOP Search Tool.
10) The next step is getting the CWOP data sent to NOAA. When I contacted, they replied that my station ID has been added to the "Active Member" list and would show up at NOAA in a few days. You can always check the list to see if your station is on there at through this link.
11) Once you're on the "Active Member" list you are now a part of NOAA. It took Aaron 5 days before we could see his station. The Active member list will also show the mapping between your "Call/CW" and "NWSID". The NWSID is the ID you will see in your Rachio App.
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