What's an IFTTT Recipe?

IFTTT enables anyone to create and share "Recipes" that follow the statement: "if this then that". A recipe consists of a trigger (the this part of a recipe) and an action (the that part of a recipe). An example recipe would be "if the temperature drops below freezing then stop any watering schedules". The combinations of recipes that can be built are endless, only limited by your imagination and ever growing list of useful channels (IFTTT building blocks which include triggers and actions).

Creating a custom recipe takes less than a minute, only your imagination limits the number of recipes that can be built.

Here are some recipes that you might find useful:

IFTTT Recipe: If watering time starts then send me an SMS connects rachio-iro to sms

IFTTT Recipe: If current condition changes to rain, then rain delay connects weather to rachio-iro

IFTTT Recipe: If tomorrow’s low drops below 32°F, then freeze delay connects weather to rachio-iro

IFTTT Recipe: Track watering in spreadsheet connects rachio-iro to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Run watering time every hour for sod connects date-time to rachio-iro

Check out this blog post that one of our co-founders wrote about the IFTTT integration!

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