How do I share my controller with someone?

Share Access of your Controller

Rachio allows users the ability to share access of their Rachio controller without disclosing their account credentials (username and password). We offer three types of shared access: Complete AccessLimited Access, and Transfer Ownership

Complete Access

  • Rachio account required.
  • Full access shared; zones, schedules, settings, etc.
  • Changes can be made & saved by either party.
  • Access does not expire unless manually removed.
  • Great for trusted family members, property managers, etc.

Limited Access

  • No Rachio account required; email address needed to send an invite.
  • Remote control access granted to the email address of your choice.
  • You set the expiration date, and access can be removed at any time.
  • Please note that providing Limited Access can only be given from the Rachio web app.
  • Emails and in-app updates/push notifications will only be sent to the primary account holder.
  • Great for sprinkler startups, sprinkler blowouts & winterization, or other service calls.

Transfer Ownership 

  • Rachio account required.
  • Remote control access granted to the email address of your choice.
  • Controller will be transferred to another account, but you can choose to retain shared access.
  • Great if you recently moved into a home with an existing Rachio controller and want to add the controller to your account, or transfer ownership to a new homeowner.
  • Great if you purchased a used Rachio and want to control it from your account.  

Please click on the links above for details on how to use/setup either type of shared access.

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