How to use Limited (formerly Landscaper) Access


Rachio allows users the ability to share access of their Rachio controller without disclosing account credentials (username and password).

How to use Limited Access

  1. In the Rachio app, select the "More" tab from the navigation bar, then choose "Shared Access."

  2. From the Shared Access screen, select "Share Access" (if you have not previously shared a controller) or the blue plus sign, and then "Limited Access".

  3. When asked who you would like to share Limited Access with, enter the email address of your desired recipient (this can be your landscaper, local water agency, or anyone you like).

  4. Enter the date when you would like Limited Access to expire (this can be any future date, from one day to several years in the future).

  5. Select "Grant Access".

  6. Once the controller is successfully shared, you will receive a notification on your mobile device, and the Shared Access recipient will receive an email notification that allows them to access the Rachio. They will need to use this link every time they want to access the controller.

  7. To revoke access before the set expiration date, select the "Revoke" button next to the user's name. Once the temporary access is revoked or expires, the link in the email will show the login screen with a message indicating that the link is no longer valid.


Not sure what the difference is between Limited Access, Complete Access, and Transfer Ownership? Visit this article.

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