How to setup a Flex Daily Schedule

What is a Flex Daily Schedule?

Flex Daily schedules work a bit differently than your conventional sprinkler schedule. Like a self driving car, the controller is smart enough to drive itself; all you have to do is tell it what days it's allowed to water and it will water each zone on its own schedule. Watering is based on the estimated moisture level of each zone using the irrigation principal Management Allowed Depletion.

Steps to create a schedule

1) Schedule Type

You will be asked to select the type of schedule to create:


2) Zone Selection

You will be asked to select which zones you'd like to add to the schedule. Please note, zones cannot be added at a future date to Flex Monthly schedules.


3) Interval/Frequency Selection

Select days or the interval you wish to water.


5) Select the Schedule Timing



6) Smart Watering Features

You'll have the opportunity to disable any Smart Watering Features you do not wish to use.

NOTE: All Smart Watering Features are enabled by default.


Smart Features

Smart Cycle (Automated Cycle Soak)

When running a watering schedule with Smart Cycle toggled on, Rachio will break up the total watering time for each zone into a number of cycles. For each cycle, a zone is watered for a period of time that matches the infiltration rate of your soil. During this process, it's important that the soil in each zone gets enough time to absorb the water; the controller schedules at least 30 minutes between each watering cycle on the zone. For more details, please see: Smart Cycle FAQ

*Flexible Daily schedules cannot edit or disable Weather Intelligence features. This is due to the dynamic use of moisture calculations and ET data in Flex scheduling, which renders these options unnecessary. For more info on how this works, see our Flexible Daily FAQ

7) Schedule Summary

Using the zone settings entered during the zone setup, Rachio will calculate the water required to fill the root zone given the water holding capacity of your soil. The time to complete the watering is dependent on the spray head type selected. You can edit the durations in minute-by-minute increments. These adjustments can be made to any, some, or all zones. You can also rename the schedule to your liking. Press "Create" to save.

There are some important things to understand about Flex schedules so please be sure to review our Flex Schedule Overview and our Flex Schedule FAQ. This will dive into some of the nuances that help explain what we are doing more specifically.

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