RachioPro Install Steps - Gen1

With the introduction of our Share Access feature, we've received feedback from professional installers that more guidance is needed around this functionality and how it affects their business practices.

It is important to note that the homeowner should always provide access to the professional via the Rachio mobile app, and not the other way around. This allows for the best experience for your customers, and better enables you, the professional, to manage multiple devices that you've installed.

Before beginning the hardware installation, please ask your client to download the Rachio app on their Apple or Android device (phone or tablet). Remember, it is important that the initial set-up and registration occur on the homeowner’s device. Likewise, if you have not already downloaded the app and registered, please do so. If this is your first installation, please sign-out of the app before completing the install. NOTE: The app is a native mobile app so if you or the homeowner are downloading the app on an iPad you will need to use the iPhone Only filter.

Hardware installation:

  1. Before installing the Rachio, test the timer being replaced. Once you’ve verified that the system is in good working order, unplug the old timer.
  2. Take a picture of the existing timer’s wiring for reference. This will make the connection of these wires to the Rachio much easier. Label the important wires on the old timer (common, master valve/pump, rain sensors, etc.).
  3. Remove the old timer. You’re now ready to mount the Rachio!
  4. Install the Rachio Wall Mount to the wall using the 2 screws included in the box.
  5. Reconnect the wires to the Wall Mount terminals.
    1. Zone wires go in the green slots. Zone 1 begins on the bottom-left, and moves upwards and right to Zone 8. If you’re working with a 16-zone unit, Zones 9-16 are on the right-hand side of the Wall Mount, and move downward and right as they increase.
    2. Common wires go into the white slots. If you have more than one common we suggest entering one in each common slot (left and right).
    3. Sensor wires (rain/moisture, if present) go in the yellow slots. We do support wireless sensors. See the article entitled Rain Sensors on our support website for wiring assistance.
    4. The master pump/valve wire (if present) goes in the blue slot. NOTE: If you connect wires to the yellow or blue slots, they must be activated within the app.

By the time hardware installation is complete, your client should have been able to successfully download the app. Please ensure that their phone or tablet is connected to their Wi-Fi. NOTE: The Rachio MUST be connected to a 2.4GHZ network; it cannot connect to a 5GHz network. Additionally, ensure that the brightness on their device is turned all of the way up and any background apps are closed. This will help streamline the process.

Blink-Up and Connecting to Wi-Fi:

  1. Using the client’s device (phone or tablet), check the strength of their Wi-Fi at the controller’s location. At least 2 bars are needed for the Rachio to have proper signal strength.
  2. Upon opening the app the client will be prompted to register. They can do this by pressing the Register button. Please request that they enter their Full Name, Email, Username and Password on this screen.
  3. Your client will then be prompted to name their device, and enter the zip code where they live. If they have a Master Valve or Pump, this can be turned on in this screen as well.
  4. Once the steps above are followed, the user will be walked through a brief, step-by-step process where they can enter in their Wi-Fi password.
  5. The user will then be prompted to “Blink-Up” their Rachio. There will be an important notice, click I Understand then tap Connect. Place the phone or tablet face down and flush against the small photo sensor (lower left-hand corner of the Rachio). If, for whatever reason, issues are encountered during the Blink-Up process, please visit www.support.rachio.com. NOTE: If you need to blink up more than once be sure to power cycle the Rachio each time.
  6. Once Blink-Up is complete, your client will be presented with two options: Set Up My Zones, or Start Using My Rachio. Please have them select Start Using My Rachio.
  7. The user will then be directed to the home screen. Here, they will see three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Have them click on this.
  8. They will be brought to the Rachio Settings page. Please have them select Share Access, followed by Add Access.
  9. Please instruct the user to enter your business email address, and then press Share. You will then receive notification that the Rachio was shared with you, and will have the ability to proceed with Zone Set Up. If this is the first Rachio controller you’ve installed, you may need to sign out of the application and sign back in to see your customer’s controller.
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