Gen 1 vs. Gen 2

  Generation 1 Generation 2
Setup BlinkUp Onboard
Sensors Rain Sensors (1) Rain Sensors (2) OR 1 Rain Sensor + 1 Flow Sensor
Zones 8 or 16 Zone Models 8 or 16 Zone Models
Manual Runs Through App Only Physical Buttons or Through App
Offline Schedules Backup Schedules Backup Schedules
Master Valve Support Yes Yes
Indexing Valve Support Yes Yes


Curious about the differences between a Gen 1 and a Gen 2? See below for the details: 

Made it even easier to install and test
Customers needed more room for wiring (yeah, there’s a rat’s nest of wires at your controller), a smaller device that takes up less room, and the ability to test wiring with multimeters. Done. We made the wiring bay much larger to fit even the largest gauge wire you'll come across when installing an irrigation controller. We gave our controller a lower profile. And we moved away from the faceplate + wall mount design which prevented customers from being able to test voltage at the controller. We created a more compact, single plate design that allows for testing.

Made it easier to connect to your network
We used a process with our Gen 1 controller that, through flashing light, would connect our controller to a home network. While reliable, it did present some issues with users who install their Rachio outside, as the natural light would interfere with the process. Our Gen 2 makes the controller discoverable through our app and allows you to connect to your Wi-Fi without flashing light or having to connect via ethernet or USB.

Give us some manual controls already
Customers repeatedly noted that some basic controls on the device would go a long way for added convenience. Often times, it was because they had a landscaper at their home, and wanted to give the landscaper or gardener an easy way to turn zones on and off. We’ve added onboard controls to do just that. This was a big jump for us as we’re very focused on how not to constrain our software by our hardware--we think we’ve come up with the perfect balance.

Made it easier to mount outside
A decent percentage of controllers are mounted outside. They’re usually hardwired and can be a bit tricky to change out. We’ve created a custom outdoor enclosure for our Gen 2 that makes it easy to swap out an existing controller and have a nice clean, elegant looking controller outdoors that can be locked up and hardwired--no messing around with installing waterproof outlets.



More sensors please
Since a lot of our customers are replacing their old controllers with ours, we’ve had requests to expand our sensor capabilities. We’ve added an additional port so you can use more than one sensor--whether it be a rain, freeze or flow sensor.

We’re very excited to release this next generation to current and future customers. As always, we’ll continue to listen to you, our customers, and improve and add to the product for years to come. We look forward to our ongoing journey with you.

As with the generation 1 controller, everything is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

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