How do I use Wunderground with my Rachio?

A Solution for Mac Users

The following guide will allow you to use data from any WeatherUnderground (WU) station with the Rachio controller.


To collect and share data, you'll need to purchase WeatherSnoop 4.

  • The sofware will work for 14 days without needing to buy a software license
  • We suggest purchasing the software as soon as possible to have the latest version of firmware

How to set up WeatherSnoop (Mac ONLY)

1) Find a good station near your location on WU. Check the detailed historical data to make sure that the data is complete and is not sporadic.
2) Create an account on
3) Create a new station on using location information

4) Download and install WeatherSnoop (either Lite or full version)
5) Set the Weathersnoop Agent up using WU as the source.

6) Enter the name of the WU PWS that you have selected where indicated in WeatherSnoop. You can also set the frequency of data refreshes here.

7) Now the WeatherSnoop software should start downloading WU data to your computer. Next you need to use the sharing feature and share the data from your computer to using the station you had created earlier.

That's all it takes!

Now your computer will grab data from WU and upload it to the PWS you created in PWSWeather. After about 48 hours you will see it in the Rachio system as a nearby station. To ensure that it's the closest one to your home, you may wish to put the “virtual” station right at your house rather than its actual location.

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