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Once you have configured all of your zones, you will be asked if you would like to create a watering schedule. This article explains how to setup a Fixed Schedule. Watering times are the same as a program or schedule that you would run with an old controller.

Step by Step Guide

    1. From your "Calendar" tab, click on "Schedules" (located above Calendar at the bottom of the screen), then click "Add Schedule" at the bottom middle of the screen.

    2. Select "Fixed Schedule" when you are prompted to select between a Flex Daily, Flex Monthly, or Fixed.

    3. From here you will be asked to choose the zones that you want to associate with this schedule. By default, all of your zones will be selected. Tap the ones you want to check/uncheck.

    4. Name your Schedule. Type in a name that helps you identify your watering cycle. After your schedule is set up, your notifications will contain this schedule name.

    5. Select which days you will want the schedule to water.
      a) "Specific Days" allows you to select any weekday(s) to water;
      b) "Even/Odd Interval" waters either on even or odd calendar days, whatever you prefer;
      c) "Daily Interval" allows you to select to water "Every Day", "Every 2 Days"... up to "Every 21 Days";
      d) "Hourly Interval" waters more than once per day. You can select either "Every Hour", "Every 2 Hours... up to "Every 6 Hours".

    6. Select when you would like your schedule to start or end watering. Choose one of the following: "End Before Sunrise" (recommended), "Start After Sunset", "End Before a Specific Time", or "Start at a Specific Time".



      Selecting the option to “End Before a Specific Time” or "End Before Sunrise" can only be applied to one schedule per controller; this is to prevent multiple schedules from being stacked and eventually moving out of the 24 hour period of your selected watering day.
    7. Select when would you like the schedule to start (today or another date) and when would you like your schedule to end.

    8. Decide whether you would like to activate Smart Cycle, the Rachio's version of "Cycle and Soak."

      Smart Cycle breaks up watering times by zone to prevent runoff and improve plant health based on soil type. Smart Cycle is recommended; however, you can also select "Manual cycle and soak" or opt-out of both features. For more details, please see: Smart Cycle FAQ.

    9. Here you can select which Weather Intelligence features to activate.

      Weather Intelligence is a collection of weather rich "virtual sensors" that use forecast data to productively skip your schedules, helping you save water and make every gallon count! Go here to learn more about Rachio Weather Intelligence.

    10. Based on previously entered information and Zone Settings, Rachio calculates your ideal watering duration(s). You can use the - and + buttons to change the suggested watering durations, but this could make your schedule less effective.

      Scroll down and hit "Next" to confirm your schedule.

    11. Tap "Done" to complete the process.


You're now the owner of a new Fixed Schedule! You can edit it at any time on the "Calendar" tab, through your Rachio app. For more details, please see: How do I edit a watering schedule?

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