How do I manually water one or more zones? Quick Run overview


Rachio can do a lot of the thinking for you when it comes to your watering, but sometimes you may need to take your watering into your own hands! 

From the "Home" tab on the navigation bar, you will be able to manually run your zones or a schedule using our Quick Run feature.

Manually Run All Zones

  1. Tap on the blue "Play" icon just above the bottom navigation bar, from the Home screen.


  2. On the "Quick Run" screen, tap on the 3 dots at the top right side of the screen to show selection options. Then tap "Select All Zones."



    Once you have the Set Zone Duration selected, you will see the total duration of minutes that will run. This includes all of the active zones.

  3. Tap on "Next" to confirm your watering durations.


  4. Tap "Run" and your sprinklers will begin watering. After you tap Run, you will see the status of the watering time above the Navigation bar on all screens.


Manually Run Specific Zones

  1. From the Home screen, select the "Zones" tab.

  2. Tap the zone you would like to run to open the zone card. From the zone card, tap the green "Quick Run" button.

  3. Select the number of minutes you would like to run the selected zone, then tap "Run."


  4. Repeat these steps for any additional zones you would like to run. Each zone can be assigned a different run time if desired.
    As you select more zones, you will get a comprehensive view of the zones that you have selected and for how long.

Manually Run a Schedule

  1. Tap on the blue "Play" icon just above the bottom navigation bar, from the Home screen.


  2. Tap on "Schedules" at the top of the screen. 


  3. Select the schedule you would like to run - once selected the schedule will start running. 

Remote - Pause, stop or resume watering

The Home Screen will show the current Quick Run watering status above the navigation bar. This functions as a remote where you can pause, stop or resume watering by tapping the buttons shown. 



Gen 1 Users 

Due to hardware limitations, the Gen 1 Rachio controllers can only support the stop function within Quick Run remote. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Support


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