How do I use Nexia with my Rachio?

We are now integrated with Nexia!

Add the Rachio control to your Nexia account to have an efficient, single-app experience to control all of your smart products including irrigation.  Control your sprinkler zones from anywhere at any time.  Have your irrigation system work with other Nexia products through automations.  View "Event History" for a summary of irrigation events.

Note: Nexia Z-Wave bridge is not required or used for this controller.

To connect your Rachio to Nexia, please follow the steps outlined on this Nexia support article.

If you need any assistance, Nexia and Rachio are standing by to help:

Contact Nexia for issues related to:

  • Questions for connecting your Rachio account to Nexia
  • Questions for controlling Rachio zone within Nexia
  • Questions for adding irrigation to Nexia Automations

Contact Rachio for issues related to:

  • Questions for installing or wiring Rachio
  • Questions for connecting Rachio to Wi-Fi
  • Questions regarding configuring zones
  • Questions controlling Rachio through your Rachio app
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