What are Limited Schedules? (Generation 2)

Need to water, but won't have Wi-Fi for a bit? No sweat.


About Limited Schedules

The Rachio controller, Generation 2 was designed with 12 limited schedules saved on the controller. These schedules allow builders & landscapers the flexibility to install a Rachio controller when Wi-Fi is not available and to water the lawn using one of the Limited Schedules, listed below .

Video Walkthrough


How to set up a Limited Schedule

NOTE: Steps 6 & 7 must be done quickly, as there is a 10 second timeout after selecting a Schedule Number and/or Start Time Delay. To avoid repeating this setup process, it's best if you have your schedule and delay in mind. Please familiarize yourself with the following before proceeding to set up Limited Schedules.


Power Cycle the controller
  • Simply unplug the power adapter and plug back in.


Factory Reset the controller
  • Hold the select (circle) button + up arrow until the zone ring is fully illuminated


Wait for Controller to boot up
  • Light 1 should be solid and Light 2 should be blinking

[Gen2 Light Two]


Change to Limited Schedule mode
  • Press and hold the select (circle) button until the zone ring is fully illuminated


Confirm Light 4 is solid
  • After releasing the select button, light 4 (top of Rachio logo) should be the only one illuminated


Select a schedule
  • Use the up or down button to select the desired Limited Schedule you wish to run, from the list below , and press the select (circle) button to save.

  • The zone/light number represents the schedule number ( i.e. Zone 1 = Schedule 1; 15 minutes/zone, every 3 days ).

  • Note: make your selection quickly, as this step will TIME OUT after 10 seconds and require a full restart.


Select start time delay
  • Use the up or down button to select the desired number of hours in the future you'd like the Limited Schedule to start and press the select (circle) button to save.(i.e. 6 hours in the future = Zone 6).

  • Please note, we do not offer a "run now" option for Limited Schedules --1 hour minimum delay.
  • Note: as in the previous step, this step (7) will TIME OUT after 10 seconds and require a full restart.


Save Limited Schedule
  • After completing step 7, the zone ring will flash twice, then reboot. Light 1 will blink for roughly 10 seconds


Confirm Limited Schedule
  • The controller's zone light ring will blink every 10 seconds when a Limited Schedule is saved and scheduled to run


Edit Schedule
  • To edit the limited schedule, repeat steps 1-7, above.

**To connect the controller to Wi-Fi, repeat steps 1-3 and refer to the Generation 2 Quick Start Guide .**

1 15 minutes Every 3 days
2 30 minutes Every 3 days
3 45 minutes Every 3 days
4 15 minutes Every other day
5 30 minutes Every other day
6 45 minutes Every other day
7 10 minutes Once per day
8 20 minutes Once per day
9 30 minutes Once per day
10 5 minutes Twice per day (12 hrs apart)
11 10 minutes Twice per day (12 hrs apart)
12 15 minutes Twice per day (12 hrs apart)

NOTE: For Limited Schedules to operate, the controller needs to be in an offline & unpaired state .
This means that:

  1. If already paired to a Rachio account, you will need to delete your Generation 2 from said account before enabling Limited Schedule mode.
  2. Use of the app is NOT supported while in Limited Schedule mode.
    • Manual zone runs can still be performed using the physical buttons on the controller
    • we do not offer a "run now" option for Limited Schedules; they require a 1 hour minimum delay (from time of activation)
TIP: The 8 zone controller 's zone ring has 16 LEDs that will match with the Limited Schedule numbers when in Limited Schedule mode.

Aside from zone1, the Limited Schedule numbers will not correspond with the [engraved] zone numbers on Rachio's 8-zone model; i.e. schedule#2 will lie between zone1 & zone2, schedule#3 will be at zone2 marking, schedule#4 will lie between zone2 & zone3, etc...

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