What does Light One mean? (Generation 2)


A blinking Light One means the device is booting up. It is not ready to connect to the Wi-Fi yet. Once the light turns solid (after about 30 seconds) you can add the controller to your account via the app. If your mobile device cannot find or see your controller while Light One is lit solid, please refer to the following Support Article.

 [Gen2 Light Three]

Light One Troubleshooting

    1. If the controller doesn't progress past light one, check the gray (up, down, or select) buttons & ensure they aren't stuck in a depressed position.

    2. If Light One does not stop blinking after 1-2 minutes, power cycle the controller (unplug the controller from power, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in).

    3. If you're re-attempting the Wi-Fi setup process, force quit the app and restart it.
    4. If the steps above do not work and the controller remains on Light 1 blinking, perform a Factory Reset on the controller using the controller buttons. Click here for details and follow the Gen 2 steps provided.


Do not attempt to connect directly to your Rachio in your Wi-Fi settings. Connect only to your home network and from within the Rachio app.


If you're re-attempting the Wi-Fi setup process, before you begin, search for the Rachio device in your phone's Wi-Fi settings; if found, press and hold "forget network" so the phone will see the Rachio device


If all of the above troubleshooting steps do not help, and Light One continues to blink, please reach out to Rachio Support at support@rachio.com

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