How do I edit intervals on Flex Monthly Schedules?


Flex Monthly Schedules recommend a predictable monthly schedule using historical ET data to adjust the watering interval and duration on a monthly basis to follow seasonal change. This creates increasing watering frequency from winter to summer and decreasing frequency from summer to winter. Currently, this schedule mode does not allow you to edit/change the recommended interval. This article will help explain how a simple adjustment to your zone settings will affect the automated frequency recommendation.

Editing Flex Monthly Schedules

In this example, we will use a Cool Season Grass zone based in Boise, Idaho. Here are a couple of months with their watering frequencies.

Notice that March is on a 7-day interval, while April is on a 4-day interval.


If you'd like to adjust your zone to eco-hero mode (water less frequently), or maybe the other direction where you have set it to a lush mode (water more frequently), the only Advanced Zone Setting that we recommend changing is your crop coefficient.

How do I change the crop coefficient?

Crop coefficient is the ratio of evapotranspiration (ET) observed for the crop. ET is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth's land and ocean surface to the atmosphere. So, each crop has an adjustment factor for ET on how quickly water transpires. To adjust, select the zone you wish to edit via the Zones tab on the Navigation bar, select "Edit" then select "Advanced".  Now you can adjust the crop coefficient. We recommend you test small (+/-10% increments) and then navigate back to the calendar view to see the actual effect.

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