Wi-Fi Setup Tips for Android (Generation 2)

Using an Android Phone? Having trouble getting your Generation 2 Controller online? Don't stress. Try these tips:

  1. If you’ve tried connecting your controller but it it failed to connect the first time, your controller will be a remembered network on your phone. You can delete the controller from your networks list to clear it from the phone's settings as an AP.
  2. Forget 5G networks.
  3. Turn off mobile data; if in doubt, turn on airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn off Auto Sync.
  5. Turn on location.
  6. Force close the Rachio app & restart it.
  7. Power Cycle the Rachio controller and perform a factory reset (option 2) - How do I factory reset my controller? (Generation 2)

**Make sure Wi-Fi password and serial number entry is correct (this is an important step on Android as the phone will collect both pieces of data before pushing to the controller) otherwise the process will fail**

Reference the Light Codes you're seeing to determine if the controller is having issues joining your network (Light Two), connecting to the internet (Light Three), or connecting to Rachio's cloud (Light Four).

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