Is my Wi-Fi network compatible?

Will my Wi-Fi network work with Rachio?

Download the RouteThis App to Start Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Rachio has teamed up with RouteThis to offer secure, remote network troubleshooting. If you are experiencing problems with connecting your Rachio controller to the internet, or are having internet connection issues, please run our network diagnostic tool by following the steps below. After the diagnostic run is complete, please email us with your unique key from the RouteThis app, as well as your Rachio controller serial number.

The diagnostics report helps our support team understand what is causing your issue so we can fix the problem faster and get you back to enjoying your controller and water savings!

How does RouteThis work?

  1. Download RouteThis

    To run a network diagnostic test, download the "RouteThis Helps" app on your mobile device (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).

  2. Connect phone

    Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network that you are using when attempting to connect your Rachio controller.

  3. Go to controller

    Place your phone by your Rachio controller.

  4. Follow prompts

    Follow the in-app prompts below:

    Click BEGIN

    Enter code RACH

    Confirm phone location. Make sure that your mobile device is next to the Rachio controller.

    Run the diagnostic scan. This can take up to 4 minutes.

    Copy the report key from the app or make a note of the key.

    Provide the RouteThis code to Rachio support via the question mark icon in the top right corner of the Rachio app for further troubleshooting assistance. 

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