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Put simply, as the months get hotter over the spring and summer, Seasonal Shift will increase a schedule's zone durations to make sure your yard gets the correct amount of water. Conversely, as the months get cooler, on average in late summer and fall, Seasonal Shift will decrease the zone's durations. Think of it as your scheduling Auto Pilot.


Seasonal Shift is not available on Flexible Monthly and Flex Daily schedules because these schedules automatically adjust watering to achieve a result similar to Seasonal Shift.


How does Seasonal Shift work?

When Seasonal Shift is enabled, at the beginning of every month, your schedule will adjust its watering durations by referencing 30 years of historical weather Almanac data in your area. In general, watering times will be longer in the warmer months and shorter in cooler months.

Video Guide

Are you a visual learner? This short one-minute video will walk you through Rachio's Weather Intelligence features, including Seasonal Shift, and will provide some guidance on how to use them.


What if I change durations for a zone?

If you manually change a watering duration for a zone in the current month, your entire schedule going forward will update with the appropriate seasonal offset. In other words, Seasonal Shift will change your durations using your new duration time as a baseline.

What if I disable a schedule that uses Seasonal Shift?

Seasonal Shift will continue to function on all schedules where it is enabled, regardless of whether the schedule itself is enabled or disabled.

Additionally, adjustments will be applied to all zones within such a schedule, regardless of the zone or schedule status (enabled/disabled). This is because the server-side copy of your schedules is being updated constantly for your benefit, and then pushed down to your controller. This helps keep your Rachio up-to-date and ready to go the moment you decide to re-enable any of your schedules.

To disable Seasonal Shift on a Fixed Schedule, find the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, select "Calendar" followed by "Schedules" Next, select the Fixed Schedule you would like to edit and scroll down to "Weather Intelligence." After selecting, simply uncheck the box marked "Seasonal Shift" and select "Done".


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