How do I find multiple controllers? (Device Lookup)


Do you have multiple controllers on your account? Luckily, it's incredibly easy to switch back and forth between controllers to view watering schedules, edit or update your zones, and more. Follow this article's below instructions to see for yourself. 

How to switch between controllers 

  1. In the Rachio app, select the "Home" tab. Tap on the arrow on the top-left of the screen. 


  2. All of the controllers linked to your account will be listed on the next screen, along with the controller name, location, and controller type (Rachio 3, Generation 2, etc.). 


  3. Select a controller by tapping it in order to view its details, settings, scheduled waterings, and other information. Once you tap the controller, the Rachio app will automatically take you to the chosen controller's home screen.

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