How do I find multiple controllers? (Device Lookup)

CHANGE NOTICE: As of our 2.7 release, both the web & mobile apps will use Rachio's updated Device Lookup menu (shown below), which allows for smoother control of multiple devices.
In older versions of the mobile app (prior to v2.7), this list will appear as a dropdown box.

  • If you have not updated your app, we recommend you do so to ensure the best experience & newest features. (see: where to download)
  1. Device List
  2. Device Details
  3. Device Lookup (search feature)

1) Device List

To access a list of your Rachio Devices, click on the device name at the top header of the app.
For further details on the image below - including Device Views, Details, Navigation - simply read on!

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Near Me view

The Devices menu will default to the Near Me view of all your devices.

NOTE: You will need to grant the app permission to your location for the Near Me view to function properly.

This view is the best way to find the device nearest to you, if you’re in the area or on site, as devices are sorted by distance from your location.

The columns give a you a quick view of device status (Online, Offline, Standby or Rain Delay). distance from you, and device information. The device at the top of the list with a check is your currently selected device.


Why can’t I see distances to my devices in the Near Me view?

If you’re seeing -.- miles instead of a distance to your devices, you have Location Services disabled (see NOTE, above )

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People view

Click on the "PEOPLE" tab, at the bottom of screen on ios (top on android), to bring up this view.

The People view is the ideal way to find a device by the name of the owner. The list is sorted alphabetically and contains the same information as the Near Me view.

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2) Device Details

When you select a device you’ll see a detail screen, which shows a consolidated view of the device information.

From this screen, you can:

  • Switch to the device
  • Go back to the device list
  • Launch the device’s location in a map app. This is a really cool way to quickly get directions to the location of the Rachio device.

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3) Device Lookup

If you have 5 or more devices on your account, the device lookup feature is a great way to sort and find your devices.

In either of the previous views, you can search for devices by clicking the search button at the top:

You can search by any of the following fields:

  • Full name of device owner
  • City
  • State
  • Device status
  • Device name

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