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Rain Skip saves you water by skipping watering schedules before it rains, ensuring that your yard never wastes a drop!  In this article, we'll answer frequently asked questions regarding this feature.

Rain Skip FAQ's

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How does Rain Skip work?

Rain Skip checks the weather one hour before your watering schedule starts. Any time a schedule's preselected rainfall threshold is met using observed and forecasted rainfall (rainfall in the last 24 and the next 24 hours), the watering schedule is skipped. For example, if you have your rain threshold set to 0.5", and it rained 0.25" in the last 24 hours and is expected to water more than 0.25" in the next 24 hours, your schedule will be skipped. 

Do I need a physical rain sensor for Rain Skip?

Nope! Rain Skip uses the weather reported from your preferred weather station to make smart decisions in real time.

Does Rain Skip actually save water?

Yes! Rain Skip saves the average homeowner thousands of gallons of water as it skips schedules BEFORE it rains. Rain Sensors only skip schedules AFTER it has rained, as it needs to physically "feel" rain. Rain Skip makes use of free water from Mother Nature.

Rain Skip triggered a schedule skip, but it didn't rain. What's the deal?

Just like the weatherman, not all forecasts are accurate. Rain Skip is only as smart as the data it receives from the connected weather station. The schedule creator defaults the skip threshold to 1/8". If you wish to save the maximum amount of water and want to skip whenever possible, set the threshold to 1/16" (trace rainfall).

Rain Skip did not activate even though it rained, what gives?

There are a few hiccups that may have occurred. Check to make sure that your controller was connected before and during the scheduled run. If the controller was offline, a weather check would not have been able to be completed. 

You can also check your weather station - is it reporting inaccurate information? If it shows no precipitation, there would be no reason for Rachio to skip the schedule. If you find issues with your weather station, choose a new station and let us know that you're seeing issues with your old station. 

The weather reports for my house are often inaccurate. Should I use Rain Skip?

We think so, but you know your lawn and local weather best. The Rachio app will default to the closest National Weather Station in your area. Often times, there are Personal Weather Stations (PWS) that are closer to your house. These might better represent your local micro-climate. In these instances, we can recommend looking into a rain sensor to offset the data received if you feel the closest station isn't representative of what your home typically sees.

I have two controllers - why did Rain Skip behave differently on each?

Forecasts can change in a matter of hours, so if those controllers have different schedule start times, weather will be reported at different times. While one check may say rain when checked at 8:00, the other may not when checked at 8:30.

How do I adjust my Rain Skip threshold?

As a Weather Intelligence feature, Rain Skip can be edited from the Weather Intelligence tab. Any changes to your Rain Skip threshold are global, meaning that edits to this threshold will be made across all your schedules in just a couple of steps. 

  1. "More" tab

    In the Rachio app, find the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen and select the "More" tab followed by "Controller Settings". 


  2. Select "Rain Skip"

    In "Controller Settings", select "Weather Intelligence" (or "Weather Intelligence PLUS" for Rachio 3 users). 


  3. Edit threshold

    To edit the Rain Skip threshold, tap the inches of rainfall (or the arrow next to it) and choose the new threshold at which you would like your schedules to skip waterings. 

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