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Freeze Skip FAQ's

When does Freeze Skip check the temperature?

Freeze Skip, one of Rachio's five Weather Intelligence features, checks the observed temperature one hour before your scheduled watering time.

How does this check work, exactly?

Anytime the observed temperature is at or below the selected threshold, Freeze Skip will be triggered and your watering schedule will be skipped. In other words, if your Freeze Skip threshold is set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your weather station registers temperatures of 40 degrees or below, your watering will skip.

How do I adjust my Freeze Skip?

As a Weather Intelligence feature, Freeze Skip can be edited from the Weather Intelligence tab. Any changes to your Freeze Skip threshold are global, meaning that edits to this threshold will be made across all your schedules in just a couple of steps. 

  1. "More" tab
    In the Rachio app, find the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen and select the "More" tab. 

    Rachio Weather Intelligence

  2. Freeze Skip

    Select "Weather Intelligence" and then scroll down to "Freeze Skip."

  3. Edit Freeze Skip

    To edit the Freeze Skip threshold, click the temperature (or the arrow next to it).

    Rachio Weather Intelligence Freeze Skip

  4. Choose temperature

    Choose the temperature at which you would like your schedules to skip waterings. 

What are my options for Freeze Skip threshold?

The default threshold is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (freezing). Threshold options range from 32 to 45 degrees.  


Want to change your temperature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius? From the "More" tab, select "Account Settings" and then "Units" to go from U.S. Standard units (°F) to Metric units (°C).

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