Green WiFi Light (Generation 1)

Green Light = Standard Operation

Color Codes

> Quick Flash | BlinkUp Successful


Green Off Green Off Green Off

> Long Blink | BlinkUp Successful (newer firmware)


Green Off

> Steady Blink | Connected to server


Green Off Green Off Green Off

> 1 Long 1 Short | Downloading update


Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off

> Solid Green | Installing update


Steady green light (entire duration of update install)


Here are few things to consider:

  • Green means go! If your WiFi light is green (solid or blinking) after BlinkUp, your Rachio Gen1 is all set up.
  • Once the Gen1 is connected to your network, it may want to download an update immediately.
  • Your Rachio app cannot communicate with controllers that are updating.
    If you're seeing a "connection failed" notice after BlinkUp, or when otherwise communicating with your device, you may have to wait a bit or simply refresh the app. ( or force-close it )

Experiencing a Different Light Code?

Click here to return to the list of Gen 1 light codes.

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