What soil types are in the Rachio App?

Soil Types (for use in the Rachio App)

This list and visuals should give you a better idea of the soil types used by Rachio. Need help determining your soil type? See this article for instructions on how to test your soil.   

The following soil types are supported in the Rachio App:

Garden Heights Nursery: Citing Sources: [ http://gardenheights.com/blog/how-to-grow-healthy-soil.html ]

Sand - Grainy to the point that it will slip through your fingers if you pick up a handful.

0.6 in./hour intake rate

Loamy Sand - Loamy sand contains 70 to 90 percent sand, 0 to 30 percent silt and 0 to 15 percent clay.

0.5 in./hour intake rate

Sandy Loam - Mixture of sand and loam. It isn't as loose as sand, but isn't quite as dense as pure loam.

0.4 in./hour intake rate

Loam (top soil) - Dense soil type that will clump together if you pick up a handful of it, but break apart if you grip it tightly.

0.35 in./hour intake rate

Clay Loam - Mixture of clay and loam. It's a bit harder to break apart with your hands than pure loam, but not as tough as clay.

0.2 in./hour intake rate

Silty Clay - Silt is granular material of a size somewhere between sand and clay. Silty clay soils may be composed of 40 to 60 percent silt.

0.15 in./hour intake rate

Clay - Densest of all the soil types. If you pick up a handful, it will feel more like a rock than dirt.

0.1 in./hour intake rate

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