How do I setup well pump delay?

Currently, the Rachio app does not support well pump delay. This feature request is in our back log for future consideration. A work around is to use IFTTT & Google Calendar.

  1. Setup IFTTT with your Rachio account and a Google Calendar account.
  2. Create a fixed watering schedule(s) on your Rachio account via the Rachio app for each of your zones; ensure that the total run time for each schedule does not exceed the maximum duration your pump can be run before it requires a pause to refill (aka well delay). Remember to name each schedule.
  3. Disable these schedules in the Rachio app.
  4. Schedule waterings in a Google Calendar with keywords unique to each of your schedules. Schedule as many waterings per day per schedule as you need. This will effectively allow you to run your schedules as many times as you like with the appropriate time to allow your pump to refill. Remember to allow up to a 15 minute delay for IFTTT to trigger the recipe.
  5. Create IFTTT recipes for each of your schedules and set the condition for each to be to run that schedule whenever a Google Calendar event with the identifying keyword begins.

With these steps, you can effectively create your own pump delay, however it comes with some drawbacks. As IFTTT runs each schedule manually, you will not be able to skip a watering time due to an activated rain sensor or utilize any of our weather intelligence features.

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