Can I add pictures of my zones?

Adding pictures of your zones is a snap

Creating a schedule can be fun, but what happens if you forget which zones are which? It's best practice to name your zones something that is meaningful and memorable, but the Rachio app also allows you to use pictures! This way, there's no need to remember. You simply open up your "Zones" tab and view them using the picture you took using your phone, or import one from your phone's gallery.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Login to your Rachio app

Click on the "Zones" tab in the Navigation bar


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2) Select a zone

In this example, we have chosen "Backyard South". Notice that in this list, there is an option to select "Photo."



The bottom right icon allows you to snap a picture in real-time of the zone you wish to photograph or allow you to pull a picture you have already taken from your phone's memory and add it right then and there.

If you like what you see, tap on "Use photo" to accept. Then click "Done"

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3) View your final product

Now you're all set! 


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