How do I set up my zones?


After completing the registration of your controller through the Rachio app, set up your zones for the most precise watering! The information you provide helps Rachio create watering schedules that are tailored to your plants' needs and directly impacts plant health and water savings.

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Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Zone Setup

  • Select the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your Zones screen


  • Begin by selecting "Setup Zones ".


  • Tap "Next" on the screen below.
    • The app will work its way through all of your Zones, beginning with Zone 1.



Selecting "DISABLE ZONE" hides the Zone from view; it will not be available when adding Zones to a watering schedule. You can re-enable a Zone at any time. Please refer to "How to enable a zone?" within this guide.
  • The app will initiate a 60-second countdown. You will be asked: "Is Zone 1 watering?"
    • Click "YES" if your sprinklers are running.
    • Click "NO" if the sprinklers don't turn on.
  • After clicking on "YES" for any Zone, you will have the ability to configure that Zone.

Step 2: Configure your Zone

  • What would you like to name this Zone? Add a photo for easier identification.


  • We've selected your Zone vegetation type.
    • Based on your location, we can select a default vegetation type. If this is incorrect, please choose another option.



  • We've selected your soil type.
    • Based on your location, we have selected a default soil type. If this is incorrect, feel free to choose another option.




Step 3. Repeat until all Zones complete

After configuring your zone, select "Next Zone" and repeat the same steps until all of the Zones have been configured.

If you want to see the attributes of your zone again, you can:

  • View the Yard tab, which outlines each zone
  • Select "Setup Zones" at the top right of the Yard tab to go through the setup process again


Exiting / saving will override existing zone attributes.

Disabling and re-enabling Zones from the Yard tab

You can disable or re-enable a particular Zone at any time - this is particularly useful if you would like to shut off a Zone while troubleshooting an irrigation issue.

How to disable a Zone?

  • Go to the "Yard" tab and then select a specific Zone by tapping on the Zone card. This will take you to Zone details.

  • At the top of the screen, toggle off the "Enabled" option to "Disabled".


How to enable a Zone? 

  • Go to the "Yard" tab and tap the three-dots-icon, in the top right corner. Then tap "Show Disabled Zones".
  • Select a specific disabled Zone by tapping on the Zone card. At the top of the screen, toggle on the "Disabled" option.


How to add a new Zone?

If you have set up your Zones and then decide to add a new Zone into your yard, you can use any disabled Zone to update with the new attributes.

  • Simply enable an existing Zone that is not in use and make the necessary changes by hitting the "EDIT" button.

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