How do I setup my zones?

Zone Setup Wizard

After completing registration of your controller through the Rachio app, you have the option to set up your zones.

Video Guide


To preview the zone setup steps in the video above, watch from 1:08.

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Start the Wizard

Begin by selecting "Setup Zones ".

  • The app will work its way through all of your zones, beginning with zone 1.
  • Begin by clicking "Next" on the screen below.

Zone Setup, Zone 1


  • The app will initiate a 60 second countdown. You will be asked "Is Zone 1 watering?"

Zone Setup countdown

  • Click "YES" if your sprinklers are running.
  • Click "NO" if the sprinklers don't turn on.


Selecting "DISABLE" hides the zone from view ; it will not be available when adding a watering schedule.

After clicking on "YES" for any zone, you will have the ability to configure that zone...

Configure your Zone

1) What would you like to name this zone? Add a photo for easier identification!

Zone Setup, Configure name

2) We've selected your zone type!

Based on your location, we can select a default vegetation type. If this is incorrect, please choose another option. 

Zone Setup zone type

3) What kind of sprinkler head does this zone have?

  • Rotor Head
  • Fixed Spray Head
  • Rotary Nozzle

Zone Setup, sprinkler head configuration

4) We've selected your soil type.

Based on your location, we have selected a default soil type. If this is incorrect, feel free to choose another option.

Zone Setup, soil type

5) How much sun does this zone get?

  • Lots of Sun
  • Some Shade
  • Lots of Shade
  • Mostly Shade

Zone Setup, Sun

6) How much slope does this zone have?

  • Flat
  • Slight
  • Moderate
  • Steep

Zone Setup, slope

Repeat until all zones complete

After configuring your zone, select "Next Zone" and repeat the same steps until all of the zones have been configured.

If you want to see the attributes of your zone again, you can:

  1. View the Zones tab, which outlines each zone
  2. Select "Setup Zones" at the top right of the Zones tab to go through the setup process again


Exiting / saving will override existing zone attributes.

How to enable zones and disable zones 

You can enable or disable a particular zone at any time - this is particularly useful if you would like to shut off a zone while troubleshooting an irrigation issue. To enable or disable, go to the "Zones" tab and then select a specific zone by tapping on the zone card. This will take you to zone details. At the top of the screen, toggle on or off the "enabled" option.  


You can check if your zone is enabled by selecting the "Zones" tab. Zones that have been disabled will display a warning banner with "disabled" at the top of applicable zone cards.

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