How do I turn on one zone?

How do I turn on one zone?

You can use the Quick Run feature to run a single zone on demand. Follow the simple steps below to water when you want: 

1. Select Quick Run

From the Home screen, select the green "Quick Run" icon in the bottom right hand corner. This will open a screen titled "Quick Run."

remote quick run

2. Select zone

Select the zone you would like to run, or test all zones.

Quick Run Manual Zone Run

3. Determine watering duration

Determine how long you would like to run the selected zone in hours or minutes by scrolling through the available numbers.

4. Choose duration

After choosing your watering duration, select "Run."

5. Run zone (or zones!)

Your zone will begin to run. From there, you can decide to pause the run, stop watering, or even view the zones which are up next for watering ("Up Next"). 

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