Understanding Alerts

Alerts via push notification or emails can be sent to you based on your account Alerts & Notifications settings.

Understanding types of alerts

Event Description
Rain Skip Anytime the rainfall threshold is met using observed + forecasted rainfall (rainfall in the last 24 + future 24 hours), the watering schedule is skipped.
Freeze Skip Anytime the observed temperature is at or above the selected threshold your watering schedule will be skipped.
Saturation Skip Anytime your yard has enough moisture to last until until your next scheduled watering time based on evapotranspiration data (ET) from observed weather and forecasts to calculate the soil moisture balance in your soil.
Zone Fault Anytime high solenoid current is recorded caused by faulty wiring or faulty solenoid valve.
Seasonal Shift Anytime a schedule's watering durations or intervals are updated on a monthly basis to offset seasonal weather changes.
Rain Sensor Anytime a rain sensor is activated via a 3rd party sensor.
Offline Anytime your controller loses Wi-Fi connection.
Wind Skip  Anytime the wind reaches a speed higher than the set threshold, your watering will be skipped.
Schedule status change Anytime a schedule starts, stops, is completed, or is paused.
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