Laying down new seed? 

When you apply new seed to your lawn, keeping the soil moist and watering multiple times a day is key. Thankfully, creating a schedule for new seeding is now easier than ever within the Rachio app!

Please Note

The Rachio Generation 1 Smart Sprinkler Controller does not support Hourly Interval watering.

Hourly Interval watering 

Want a quick and hassle-free way to set up a watering schedule for newly seeded areas? We recommend creating a Fixed Schedule that waters at hourly intervals (multiple times a day on a reliable interval). Hourly schedules run all day based on your selected interval and are timed off of your selected start or end time.

Create a new Fixed Schedule with hourly interval watering

  1. Create Fixed Schedule

    In the Rachio app, select the "Schedule" tab. Click the blue plus sign to create a new schedule, then select "Fixed" (good for gardens, new sod, or areas with strict watering restrictions) from the list of schedule types. Then name your new schedule.

  2. Select zones

    Select which zones you would like to include. If all of your zones have new seed, select all zones. If you would like only specific zones included in this schedule, select those that should apply.

  3. Select hourly interval

    When asked when you would like to water, select "Hourly interval" from the list.

    choose when to water in Rachio app

  4. Set watering frequency

    Next, set your hourly interval. Select how often throughout the day you would like to water seeded areas. Choose between watering every hour, every 2 hours, every 4 hours, or every 6 hours.

    set hourly interval in Rachio app

  5. Complete your schedule

    Complete your schedule selections within the app. Decide what time and day your schedule will begin (and end, if you like). Choose which Weather Intelligence features to include, then increase or decrease you watering times as desired.

Learn More

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