How do I wire a pump to my Rachio? (Generation 1)

The Rachio controller works with sprinkler systems that require pumps. A pump start relay is required when you are using a pump to supply water to your irrigation system. Pumps run on standard household voltages. The pump start relay uses the controller's 24v output to close contacts and turn the pump on or off. Pump start relays must be mounted at a minimum of 15 feet from the timer and pump to avoid any electrical interference that could cause a malfunction.

Connecting a pump start relay
  1. Route a wire pair from the pump relay into the Rachio's wallmount.
  2. Connect a common wire to the white terminal, and the remaining wire from the pump relay to the blue Master/Pump terminal (see photos below). Note that it doesn't matter which 24V wire is connected to the Common slot and the Master/Pump slot.



Do not connect the Rachio directly to the pump. The unit will be damaged & will void your warranty. Connect the controller to the pump start relay ONLY



The pump start relay MUST be installed at least 15 feet away from the Rachio controller.

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