How do I use SmartThings with my Rachio?

SmartThings Integration

Please Note

We’re updating our SmartThings integration as it undergoes SmartThings testing and approval. If you're experiencing issues do not remove it; please report issues using the form here and we'll update you once testing is approved. Thanks for your patience!



Extend the boundaries of your smart home to your yard with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler and SmartThings. Automate watering when moisture drops below a certain threshold, add delays based on your daily activity, or keep the neighbor's dog off your lawn when motion is detected.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

To setup your Rachio controller with SmartThings, follow the steps below

1) Find Rachio in SmartThings

Open the SmartThings App on your phone and tap on Marketplace

Under Things, tap Irrigation

Select Rachio

2) Connect Rachio

You’ll need to login with your Rachio account so that SmartThings can control your Rachio

Tap Connect Now

Click to enter your Rachio Credentials

Enter your Rachio credentials, then Login

3) Allow Access

Tap Allow Access for SmartThings to work with your Rachio controller

Tap Done

4) Setup your sprinklers

Tap Select your Sprinkler. Select the Rachio controller and zones you'd like to add to SmartThings; at this time, only one Rachio controller can be paired to SmartThings at a time.


Select the zone(s) you wish to control, then tap Done


If desired, tap Default Zone Runtime to adjust the runtime SmartThings waters each zone; the default is 10 minutes



Tap Done to complete setup

5) Confirm Success

Test watering a zone from your SmartThings app!

Please provide feedback on the integration via our community.

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Use & Automate

How do I access my controller in SmartThings?

Access your device from the Things view within the SmartThings mobile app; My Home > Things > select controller

How do I automate my controller in SmartThings?

You can also automate your Rachio with other SmartApps, such as turning on lights when the sprinklers are running: Marketplace > SmartApps > Select the SmartApp you wish to connect with your controller and follow the instructions in the app.

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Is your controller not responding?

The Rachio device must be online for the SmartThings integration to work.

If the Rachio is online, but not operating as normal, you may need to remove and reconnect the controller to reset it with your SmartThings setup: My Home > Things > Select Controller > Tap on the gear/cog icon > Edit Device > Remove > Confirm (this CANNOT be undone)

Still having trouble? Please contact SmartThings support.

Need to remove your controller from SmartThings

Remove the Rachio SmartApp to disconnect all of your Rachio devices: Automations > SmartApps > Rachio > Remove > Confirm (this CANNOT be undone)

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