Need your Serial Number or MAC Address?

Where do I find my serial number?

If you contact Rachio Support for troubleshooting or Wi-Fi help, you'll need to provide your controller's serial number so we can better serve you. The location of your serial number and MAC address will depend on what generation product you own.

Locate by product

To locate your serial number, select your controller or flow meter below. 

Rachio 3 Generation 2Generation 1 Flow Meter

Serial Number - Rachio 3

Serial Number: Located on the sticker on the upper right of your controller, just above your zone wires (starts with "VR" or "CR" followed by 7 digits).

MAC Address: Located just below the barcode on the same sticker as the serial number.



Serial Number & MAC address are also located in the "More" tab of the Rachio app. More > Controller Settings > Technical Info



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