Need Your Serial Number or MAC Address?

Assuming that you need it to get on your WiFi, shoot us an email at with your device Serial Number. This number can be found, as follows:

Generation 1

Serial Number: Located in the back of the front cover (starts with a "V" followed by 8 digits)

MAC Address: Unfortunately the MAC address cannot be found on the Gen 1 Rachio. You can find the broadcasted MAC in your router settings, or you can reach out to We can provide you your Rachio MAC address if you provide us with the serial number.


Generation 2

Serial Number: Located on the sticker to the right and just above your zone wires (starts with "VR" or "CR" followed by 7 digits)

MAC Address: Located just below the serial number on the same sticker.




Note: Once you have finalized your Blink up / connection process and have registered your Rachio Account you can find your MAC Address in the app via Dashboard Screen > Device Settings > scroll to the bottom.

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