How do I control two or more Rachio controllers?

Only one Rachio account for ALL your devices!

You can add and manage multiple devices from your Rachio account using the iOS or Android app.


To add another device to your Rachio account, please follow our step-by-step article on adding another controller. 

Can the controllers be merged within the app to appear as one larger controller?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, the devices cannot be merged within the app, nor are they aware of each other - they will need to be operated as independent controllers. Do you have a yard with more than 16 irrigation zones? Below are a couple ways to avoid any sort of collisions with schedules on two (or more) controllers:

  • Try scheduling the separate controllers on different days. This can be done in both automatic and manual modes.
  • If you live in an area with restrictions, try scheduling one controller late in the evening and the other one early in the morning.
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