Calendar View & Day View

How can I see when my schedule will water?

Calendar View and Day View are two ways to glimpse your scheduled waterings and the details of each watering.   

Calendar View lets you view scheduled watering times for the month at a glance. From within the calendar view, you can tap to select individual days and view: 

  • All upcoming runs and skips for that day, with the ability to select those schedules
  • Weather for the day, with the ability to change your weather station if things aren’t looking right.

Using Calendar View and Day View

To use the calendar view, follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Schedule" tab
2) Select a schedule to review

Notice the entire month is displayed with the watering events for the day indicated with a blue or green dot.

Rachio schedule month view

3) Select a day to review

Tap on any day to see how long each zone on the schedule will water for that day. You'll also see the forecasted weather for the day and the weather station used for that forecast. If the weather seems off, just click on the weather station to change it.

Rachio schedule day view

4) Advance to a future month

Swipe to the right to advance to June's Schedule

Rachio schedule next month


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