Performing an Irrigation Audit of your Sprinkler System

What's an irrigation audit?

An irrigation audit is a method for inspecting and measuring how effective your sprinklers are working to apply the necessary amount within each individual irrigation zone. In other words, it's a review of your system from end-to-end (from city water line to sprinkler heads) that can supply you with valuable information on how to save precious money and water. That information can be used to set up the Rachio controller for each zone to save the most water, while still keeping your plants healthy.

Irrigation audit and Rachio

The results of the irrigation audit provide the necessary data and information to create incredibly customized watering schedules. While Rachio controllers can automatically set up a recommended schedule based on the information that is provided in your zone attributes, an irrigation audit can be a good way to provide the most accurate information to your Rachio controller, often resulting in increased watering accuracy.

What are the benefits of an irrigation audit?

  • Detect leaks and broken heads
  • Reduction in water use (and a resultingly lower watering bill!) 
  • More consistent watering distribution, often with fewer wet and dry spots
  • Decreased water wasted below the root zone
  • Decreased need for fertilizers and chemicals
  • Decreased runoff (runoff can result in stormwater chemical contamination and landscaping issues)

Professional irrigation audit

While you can perform your own irrigation audit with knowledge and research, irrigation audits can also be performed by a lawn care professional. A professional audit provides more holistic information about your lawn needs, and can be completed alongside other sprinkler system maitenance. 

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