Performing An Irrigation Audit Of Your Sprinklers System

What exactly is an irrigation audit?

An irrigation audit is a method for inspecting and measuring how effective your sprinklers are working to apply the necessary amount within each individual irrigation zone. In other words, it's a review of your system from end-to-end (from city water line to sprinkler heads) that can supply you with valuable information on how to save precious money and water. That information is used to setup the Rachio controller for each zone to save the most water, while still keeping your plants healthy.

The audit itself does not save any water, in fact it uses water, but the net results of the the audit provide the necessary data and information to create appropriate watering schedules. Our Rachio controllers will automatically setup a recommended schedule based on the information that is provided in your zone attributes, but we want to have even more information at our disposal, and this is exactly what is needed to make the most accurate suggestion for your scheduled watering times.

The biggest benefits of auditing your irrigation system are listed below:

  • A reduction in water use and consequently financial savings.
  • A more consistent distribution - fewer wet and dry spots.
  • A smaller amount of water wasted below the root zone.
  • Less of a need for fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Less runoff.
  • Detect leaks and broken heads.

Personal Irrigation Audit (Page 8)

Irrigation audits can be done by a professional, which will provide you with a lot more in depth information, but audits can also be done on your own. We provide some basic information and a link to a deeper overview of the entire process.

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