What type of spray head or nozzle do I have?

Why is spray head/nozzle type important to my yard? 

The type of spray head, or nozzle, used in a particular zone has one of the biggest impacts on initial watering time. The precipitation rate is the amount of water applied in a given amount of time over a given area (square footage) and is commonly expressed in inches per hour.

Turf Nozzles

Nozzle Name Precip Rate App Icon Example Photo

Fixed Spray Head

1.5 in/hr

Rotor Head

1.0 in/hr

Rotary Nozzle

0.7 in/hr

Drip Nozzles

Nozzle Name Precip Rate App Icon Example Photo

(Inline tubing)

0.5 in/hr


1.0 in/hr

(Micro Sprayers)

2.0 in/hr

Drip Line* (Foundation zones)

*this works best in Fixed schedules

0.5 in/hr  ic_drip-line_gray1_40px_2x.png drip_line.png

How do I edit spray head type?

Made some updates to your yard? Need to change your zone's spray head type? 

  1. Select zone

    In the Rachio app, select the "Zones" tab to view your zone cards. Tap the zone you would like to edit.

  2. Edit zone card

    From the zone card, select "Edit" and then tap "Spray Head" to view a list of spray head types.

  3. Select spray head

    Select the spray head that matches your zone. Your selection will update within the app. All set!

How do I edit the precipitation rate?

There are various ways to determine the actual nozzle precipitation rate, but one of the more accurate ways is to use a catch cup test. After determining the actual precipitation rate (inches per hour), you can customize the precipitation rate within the advanced settings of your zones.

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