How do I create an IFTTT recipe?

Creating a recipe will have the same flow every time. It will be unique based on the triggers and events you set, so the example below is just to help outline the flow.

1) From the main welcome page, click on My Recipes.

2) Next click on Create a Recipe.

3) Click on this.

4) Search for the channel that you want to trigger an event through. In this example we use Date & Time.

5) Choose the appropriate trigger for what you want the recipe to do. In this example we choose Every day at.

6) Create your trigger. We choose every day at 11AM.

7) Next click on that.

8) Search for Rachio.


9) Choose the appropriate action. In this example we choose start a zone.

10) Complete the action and Create Action.

11) You will then be brought to a summarized view of your recipe. If you are content, click create recipe. If you want to go back click "back" at the top right hand corner.

12) Once you have created this recipe it will be on your My Recipes page. You can always delete the recipe and/or change it if need be.


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