How do I reset my password?

Did you forget your password?

No worries, you can reset it. Just follow the steps provided below:

      1. On the login screen, just tap the link that reads "Forgot your password?"

      2. This will take you to the password reset screen, which will prompt you to enter your email address (which serves as your username).

      3. Enter your email address and select "Request Password Reset."

      4. Then check your email. You'll receive two emails; the first one will ask you to confirm the password reset by clicking on the link within the email. You will then see a confirmation page in your web browser that will notify you that your "Password has been reset."


        If you did not receive an email to reset your password, double check your spam filter in your email client (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc). There's a good chance your email could be blocking or filtering our Rachio emails. Still not finding it? Send us an email at

        [PW Reset email 1]


      5. Following this, the second email will provide a temporary password to use to login back into the app.

        [Reset Success Msg]
      6. Open your Rachio mobile app (iOS or Android) and login using your username and new temporary password.

      7. Once logged back in, you can change your password by going to the "More" tab, selecting Account Settings, then clicking Profile, and selecting change password.






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