What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules)

NOTE: Moisture Levels are only enabled for zones in Flexible Daily Schedules.

If you have a zone in multiple schedule types, the moisture level data is only applicable to Flexible Daily schedules.

Flexible Daily schedules will record the estimated moisture balance of each zone using ET data provided by your preferred weather station. To see the moisture level calculated in a given zone, use the "Moisture Levels" screen accessible via the mobile or web interface to better understand when & why a schedule will run or not.

1) For the best view of your Moisture Levels graph, please login to your account via the web apprachio-web-app-login  

2) You'll be redirected to your account. 

3) Go to the "My Yard" card. Select the zone you wish to review and click anywhere on the zone tile. 


4) A pop-up "Edit Zone" window will appear. At the button, click on "Moisture Levels".

5) Another pop-up window will appear.

6) Place your curser over the dark blue area of the graph to scroll to the right and back. 

7) If you click on "More Detail" the data table for the graph will be displayed; which details:

  • Previous Moisture Balance for the prior day
  • Any NEW irrigation events (credit)
  • Any NEW precipitation/rain events (credit)
  • Crop ET (debit)
  • Current Moisture Balance for the day with that day's debit & credits calculated.

8) Remember to place your curser over the dark blue area of the graph to scroll to the right and back. 


9) If you see a Rain Drop icon, this means an irrigation event took place. Click on it to learn more. Possible irrigation events include:

  • Manual Run (by the user, shared access user, or an automated integration; i.e. IFTTT or Wink)
  • Ran Fixed (Fixed Schedule)
  • Ran Flex (Flex Schedule)

10) If you have a zone in multiple schedules, it's not uncommon for the moisture level to go above the Field Capacity for the zone. This is because the system is auto-refilling without regard to other irrigation or precipitation/rain events. Flexible Daily Schedules water your lawn like filling up your car's gas tank anytime it hits a half tank (assuming allowed depletion is set to 50%).

11) Flexible Daily Schedules will only water when the moisture level reaches Allowed Depletion (orange line). This is because the system is auto-refilling WITH regard to other irrigation AND precipitation/rain events. The best way to think about Allowed Depletion is like a gas tank. As you know, at 50% your gas tank is half full; but using MAD principals, at 25% it's 3/4 full and at 75% it's 1/4 full. You can adjust the allowed depletion percentage to adjust the watering duration and interval for each zone via the Advanced Settings menu within the zone menu settings.

Everyday we'll look at how much "fuel" your lawn has used and calculate when/if we've hit the refill point (allowed depletion). By default, we set the refill point (allowed depletion) to 50%, however this can be changed to anything from 0-100%; thus the name Management Allowed Depletion, or MAD.

The Moisture Level graphs in the web app will display the percentage of the moisture available within MAD; or how much fuel do you have left before you hit the refill point. As such, if MAD is set to 50% and your Moisture Level graph reads 50%, then your lawn's "gas tank" is really 3/4 full and will be refilled when it's 1/2 full. If your Moisture Level graph reads 0%, then your lawn's "gas tank" is really 1/2 full and ready for a refill. Think of it as a percentage of a percentage. Flexible Daily schedules will always water when the Moisture Balance hits Allowed Depletion.

If you feel your zone is in need of more immediate watering, you can click on the "Adjust" button and select "Empty". This will take your soil moisture down to this zone's minimum threshold. The next time a Flex Daily schedule performs its checks, it will know it's time to refill the zone.

If you would rather top off your soil moisture, you can instead choose to click "fill"


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