How do I use my Netatmo with my Rachio?

The Netatmo can be integrated into our weather service API (PWSweather) via Meteoware's Netatmo bridge. Please note, a Netatmo rain gauge is required for the Netatmo to report rain data. Netatmo's without a rain gauge will not skip schedules if rainfall has occurred.

Here's the steps to link your Netatmo weather station to your Rachio:

1) Setup your Netatmo, using the instruction provided by Netatmo. You'll need to have your Netatmo setup and connected to WiFi before you can connect it to Rachio's weather service API
2) Download the Meteoware's Netatmo bridge by clicking on "Connect with Netatmo!”

3) You will then be redirected to your Netatmo account, which will show a screen for "Third Party Application". Confirm your login/account and select "YES" to allow MetroWare Plus to access your Netatmo data.

4) You will then be redirected to your Meteoware Plus dashboard. From here, you'll need to publish your Netatmo data to PWSWeather. To do so, you’ll need a Station ID from PWSWeather. If you've already created a Station ID, please skip to #9, below

5) To create a Station ID, go to and click on the “Sign Up!” button. This will redirect you to a page to create an account.

6) After you create an account, you’ll need to complete the Station Profile (this is for your Netatmo’s location). To find the lat/long of your station, use Google Maps.

7) Once you finish the Station Profile, your Station ID should be created.

8) Return to your Meteoware Plus dashboard and proceed to "Weather Networks" under Publish and click on

9) From the “” tab within Networks, enter your Station ID and Password. Once entered, press “Save and activate network!”

10) Once live, you’ll see a blue square on the same page that reads “See your weather data at PWSWeather” 

11) Double check your work :)
12) From within your Netatmo account, click on the "User Settings" icon in the upper right hand corner. Scroll to the bottom of the drop down and look for "My third party apps" & confirm that "MeteoWare Plus" is listed.

13) From Station Map, search for your Station ID. You SHOULD see your station ID (Ours is at the bottom of the list in the photo with the awesome name!). The weather data may take 24 hours to load. Only once the Station ID reports weather, will Rachio’s weather service API acknowledge the station. In short, we flag all non-active Station IDs so we don’t report bad data to you! 

14) Sit back and enjoy your super smart sprinkler controller!

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at or call our support hotline at 1-844-4-RACHIO
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