Rachio compatibility with a Toro Soil Sensor


Rachio is NOT affiliated or authorized by TORO; the TORO brand soil sensors are manufactured by TORO. This article is intended for instructional and compatibility purposes only.

Rachio does not recommend the use of 3rd party sensors unless required by local code. Rachio offers soil saturation management tools without the need for soil sensors using Saturation Skip or Flex Daily Schedules to skip watering schedules BEFORE it rains based on estimated moisture levels.

Wiring Diagram

Rachio 3Generation 2Generation 1

Rachio 3


Activate in the Rachio app 

To activate your soil sensor within the Rachio app, got to "More", "Accessories", then select the sensor terminal your sensor is connected to (either S1 or S2). Then, toggle the sensor on (the toggle will show green when on) and make sure the sensor type is listed as "Rain" (NOT "Flow").

Rachio soil or rain sensor enabled

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