Basic Offline Troubleshooting

Connectivity FAQ

Has your Rachio gone offline unexpectedly? Don't worry, most of time it will reconnect on its own. In the event it doesn't automatically reconnect, please follow the guidelines below.

Troubleshooting Tip

Controller offline? Having issues with Wi-Fi on your controller? Our new in-app help tool makes Wi-Fi troubleshooting a breeze! Tap the red "Offline" banner at the top of the Home screen for automatic troubleshooting help. Follow the prompts in the app to identify what's wrong and how to quickly fix it.


While offline for long periods, your controller will run the last saved schedule created in the Rachio app. Any updates/changes to these watering schedules will upload to the controller the next time it reconnects with the cloud. However, while the controller is offline, it cannot receive schedule updates, skip watering times due to rain or freeze delays, or be run manually.

For more details on backup schedules, please refer to our support article: What if my controller goes offline?

How can I tell if my Rachio has intermittent connectivity?

You can tell if your controller is experiencing connectivity problems if your device displays "Offline" when you log in to the Web or Mobile apps. For quick troubleshooting help, tap the red "Offline" banner to access our in-app Wi-Fi help tool. 

Controller Offline

If the connectivity issues happen often, or if your controller is ever offline for 24 hours or more, you can view this in the History feed by tapping the "History" tab.

Controller Offline

In instances where you see numerous Wi-Fi disconnects/reconnects in a short time frame, it's likely related to your Rachio's signal strength. It might be helpful to try repositioning the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or access point a foot or two if you have a mesh network (Eero, Orbi, Google Wi-Fi, Ubiquiti Amplifi, etc). If you have just one Wi-Fi router, see below for more details on extending your Wi-Fi range.

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What if my controller goes offline, but only while it's watering?

If the controller goes offline during a scheduled run, there may be an issue with the wiring or the irrigation system itself.

When zone faults occur, it is often because the controller receives too much electricity from the irrigation system, causing the controller to shut down. To fix a zone fault, start by looking at which zone was last run.

  • If you have a Generation 2 Rachio, you may see a notification within the app that says “Zone Fault Detected” with a specific zone called out.
  • The Generation 1 Rachio may require some light "detective work" for this first step. Check out this article for more Generation 1 Offline Troubleshooting tips. 
  • For more info on zone faults, and how to fix them, please see article: Zone fault detection

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How can I fix intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity?

There are many factors that might cause your controller to be offline occasionally. Before spending the time troubleshooting your home network, you should verify that one of these more common issues isn’t causing the problem:

  • Connection to the Internet at your home is down.
  • Power failure at home.
  • Problem with your Wi-Fi router.

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Simple Wi-Fi Checks

Steps to ensure your Rachio is getting reliable Wi-Fi
  1. Try restarting your router
    The best first step in troubleshooting these types of issues is to try restarting your router. While most routers just need to be unplugged and plugged back in to restart them, we recommend referring to your router’s documentation for specific instructions. Once your router finishes restarting, test it by connecting to your Wi-Fi network with a computer or mobile device and visiting a popular website.
  2. Check the controller's signal strength
    Still experiencing intermittent connectivity problems after restarting your Wi-Fi router? You'll want to check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the location of your controller. To test the signal strength using your smartphone, simply walk to the location of your controller and see how many bars your network connectivity has. We recommend at least 2 bars for the signal strength to be considered reliable.
  3. Confirm your Wi-Fi credentials are correct and perform Wi-Fi reset
    If your Wi-Fi credentials (name/SSID/password) have changed, or you've set up a new router, we recommend performing a Wi-Fi Reset - go here for instructions.
  4. Extend your Wi-Fi Range
    If you have a weak signal at your controller, you may want to consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender. If your controller is located far away from your router and/or there are materials that may interfere with the signal strength, an extender can make a big difference. This will enhance the range of the router and can potentially increase the coverage.
For more tips & tricks on troubleshooting your home network, please see our support article: Basic Wi-Fi Troubleshooting.
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