Why doesn't the weather data match on my Rachio?

First, please check the following

NOTE: For the most accurate weather data, it's important to select a Preferred Weather Station.
If you do not select a "Preferred Weather Station", then the closest National Weather Station (NWS) will used by default to provide weather data for your schedules.

Spot a data discrepancy?

Your Rachio connects its weather data from third party weather stations. There are thousands of weather stations reporting to our weather service and sometimes errors can occur. Delayed reporting, missing data, or offline stations are some of the errors we see. If you spot a data discrepancy, please report it as it's probably affecting other users too. We forward this data onto our weather service providers to research and correct. Since we cannot guarantee their resolution time, we recommend selecting a different weather station until the error can be resolved. Please refer to this support article to learn how to change your preferred weather station.

Please note, Rachio cannot edit or modify a weather station's reported data.

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