How do I connect my Google Home to Rachio?

Google Home Integration 

Getting Started

Before you start, make sure:

  1. You have downloaded the Google Home app
  2. You have linked your Google Home with your Google account
  3. For iOS (Apple) ONLY, make sure you have downloaded the Google Assistant app as well as the Google Home app.

The Google Assistant allows you to interact with Google's voice control platform. Simply say "Ok Google" followed by an action (see below) to make a request.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To set up your Rachio controller with Google Home via the Google Assistant App, follow the steps below. This will look slightly different depending on your usage of Android or iOS (Apple).


Actual integration steps may vary from those listed below.

  1. Connect Rachio to Google Home
    On your mobile device, open the Google Home app. Then, on the Home tab, click the "Add" button in the middle of the screen to add a device.

  2. Set Up Device
    From there, tap "Set up a device" and then "Have something already set up?"

  3. Search for "Rachio" and select the Rachio app.


  4. Log In
    You should now be on the Rachio integration. Log into your Rachio account with your credentials and follow the steps to link your controller.

  5. Add to Home
    After your controller is linked to Google Home, head back to the Home screen in Google Home and scroll until you see your controller listed. Select your controller and then click "Home" to add your controller to a selected Home.

  6. Move Device
    The Move device screen will appear to allow you to move your controller into one of your homes. Select "Move Device" at the bottom right of the screen.
  7. Select Device Location
    You can choose a current room or create a new room for your controller to be organized into. In this example, we put the controller in the Garage.


For general troubleshooting...

Try power-cycling the phone or device you are using and then follow the steps above.

Is your controller not responding?

The Rachio device must be online for the Google Home to work.

Need to remove your controller from Google Assistant?

From the Rachio App page, select "Unlink Rachio"

Commands & Customization

Below are the commands you can use to control Rachio with your Google Assistant. 

"Ok Google, start watering."
"Ok Google, stop watering."

There are also a few other ways to customize your integration:


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  • The compass search on Google Assistant does not return a result for "Rachio".. I can send a screenshot if needed. Did something change since this original post?

    Also, is there an update on when Rachio will be available as a native Google Home integration?

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  • It looks as if there are only three (3) commands? I tried a command to start a zone: 'OK Google, start watering front lawn'. I expected it to ask me how long it should water for, but it didn't. It watered for 3 minutes. How did it know to water for only 3 minutes? Possible to change duration? Are there more than 3 commands?

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