What does Light Three mean? (Generation 2)



A Light Three will begin blinking as the controller attempts to connect to Rachio's servers. Once connected, it will turn solid. If it fails to connect, it will continue blinking. Usually, this indicates a security or firewall setting is getting in the way. An easy fix is to create a guest network with default settings & reattempt to connect your controller to the WiFi.

Light Three Troubleshooting

  1. Advanced security and firewall settings can stop the controller from being able to communicate outside of your local network.
  2. Make sure to double-check if your router's firmware is up to date.
  3. Run a WiFi Network Diagnostic test. See article: Is my Wi-Fi Network compatible?
  4. iOS (Apple)
    See above. A solid Light Two indicates the controller connected to WiFi properly.
  5. Android
    If hung up on Connecting to Device, go into your phone's Wi-Fi settings and ensure you are connected to the desired 2.4Ghz/dual-band network. If you change networks, you will need to restart  the setup process.
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