Red & Amber Wi-Fi Light (Generation 1)


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Red & Amber (Combo) Light

Is your Rachio Gen 1 providing you with a red and amber blink code? This code means that there is an issue with the Rachio connecting properly to your home network. Specifically, there is a network security setting preventing the Rachio from properly connecting.

Color Codes

> Red, Amber, Off | Getting IP address


Red Amber Off Red Amber Off

A red/amber light code indicates a problem with the Rachio obtaining an IP address. This is usually due to a problem with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). If you are receiving this light code, please attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that DHCP is active on your router and has enough possible IP addresses for all of your devices, including the Rachio controller.
  • Check that "MAC address filtering" isn't enabled, or isn't denying the controller access.
  • Assign an IP address manually to your Rachio via the Rachio's MAC address.

> Amber, Red, Off | Resolving server name


Amber Red Off Amber Red Off

An amber/red light code indicates that the Rachio is having issues communicating with your DNS. If the Rachio is providing this light, please attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the DNS settings on your router. Try changing your DNS to (Google's public DNS server).
  • Sometimes the "DNS Relay" mode on some routers can confuse the Gen 1; try disabling this mode if need be.

> Amber, Off, Red, Off | Connecting to server


Amber Off Red Off Amber Off Red Off

An amber/off/red/off light code indicates that the gen 1 cannot connect to the Rachio's web servers. This is normally due to a security setting or firewall issue on your router. The following troubleshooting steps may help you resolve this issue:


  • Check the firewall settings on your router. Lowering the firewall restrictions may help the Rachio finalize the connection process.
  • The Gen1 needs to make a connection to port 31314; ensure this port is not blocked.


Experiencing a Different Light Code?

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